Not Alone on My Birthday

I did some research to find an escort service near me because I didn’t want to be alone on my birthday. I wanted to have dinner with my friends, but all of them were out of town. Sitting at home on my birthday is something that I’ve never done, and I didn’t want to start this year. I thought about how I could find someone to spend time with me, and that’s when the idea of having an escort hit me. An escort is better than trying to find some random person in public and hoping that they would hang out with me.

I greeted the escort and when I told her that it was my birthday, she gave me a birthday hug. She said that tonight would be a night that I would not forget. We went to an amusement park in the area and rode on many of the roller coasters. They have some fast ones that really pick up a lot of speed and have large loops that make you feel as if your heart is going to jump right out of your chest. I used to be scared of those kinds of rides as a kid, but I love them now as an adult.

After that, the escort and I wanted to do something a little calmer, so we went to a quiet restaurant for a fancy meal. I had a big steak and creme brule for dessert. The wait staff actually sang happy birthday to me as they brought out the creme brule. After dinner, the escort and I took a walk around town just to talk. We had a lot in common and I genuinely liked spending time with her. I’m going to see her again, but I won’t have to wait until my birthday to do it.