8 Tips for Tenant Improvements

The best type of tenant improvements are those that not only make the place look better and the tenants happier, but those that improve your revenue thus increasing your ROI. These improvements can take on many faces and investments of time, but in the long run if things are made better, then they are truly worth your time and money.

But, are there ways to make tenant improvements fulfill both of these needs? Absolutely! In fact, here are several tips that can make the road of property improvement easier.

1. Do your own homework. Take the time to determine what changes need to be made and what the priority is for each. Talk to those who will be affected and learn when would be the best timeline.

2. Stay involved with the planning process. Be sure you understand the blueprints and design plans so that you can fully understand what changes will be made.

3. Be sure that lease agreement ensures that all the parties involved get the best deal possible. Take time to study the lease agreement to ensure that your proposed improvements are a fair deal and that it provides the rent that works for you and the tenant allowance is realistic.

4. Walk through the space with your contractor and be sure that the scope of the work and all the details are understood prior to signing anything. Anytime changes are made after the papers are signed, it will cost you time, and quite often more money!

5. Be flexible. As you do the walkthrough, be open to ideas and alternatives in materials or use of the spaces.

6. Think about the present as well as the future in regards to your lease. If you are considering a long list of tenant improvements, it may be possible to space them out over several years, thus making it possible to recoup some of your investment sooner rather than later.

7. If you are new to the tenant improvement process, be sure that you understand the zoning regulations and that the contractor you work with knows you expect them followed.

8. Be upfront about your budget. If your contractor understands that adding on a multitude of extras is not going to happen due to budgetary restraints, they will be less likely to push you towards something that is not achievable.

Tenant improvements do not have to be the things that nightmares are made of! Due diligence and patience will go a long way towards making the process simpler. Talk to your local contractors to learn more about to make this process easier and more efficient.

Real Estate – A Great Career Option for Women

Real Estate was believed to be a tough, demanding job that can be handled by males which require hunting down houses for sale, connecting with clients and customers, etc. but in last few years, the statistics have proved that women have grown tougher and dominating this field.

You would be surprised to see a young, high school female graduate working as a real estate agent because of its extensive career opportunities which make it a great option for women as they can work independently and earn cash without many hassles.

But one needs to understand that every job has it’s demands and requirements that’s need to be filled or else there will be an imminent failure.

Unlike, the office job where you are hired and trained for a position as you have to attend your boss and his demands.

Real estate has it’s risks too as this is one career which is to be shouldered independently with no initial training, so one needs to be ready for what is to come and how to deal with it, yet it makes you your boss with no one to answer to.

So what makes Real Estate, a great career option for women? Here are few points that will get you reconsider if this is the option you were looking for:

• Freedom and flexibility:-

Women are believed to perform outstandingly when they are granted liberty and this career grants you that opportunity. Being women you have to balance family and career all along and if any job provides you with flexibility and freedom along with real cash, what else do you want as it’s a granted wish for every woman.

• Being independent:-

It’s such a big relief when you don’t have to rush in every morning and present an excuse for your blunders as you are your boss and independent working and earning according to your efforts and investments.

• Technology:-

Nowadays we are living in a tech-savvy world where you can post your ads asking your customers to get in touch if they are looking for some real real estate is the easiest way to reach them. Good response and connecting socially will also succeed you making it one of the best careers for women.

• Good service to clients and customers:-

Leaving an impression on client and customers will be a huge benefit to your career which comes naturally to most women as this will encourage them to deal with you again and even refer you to someone else.

• Growth:-

You may start as a real estate agent, but soon you will realize that you may need more staff or an assistant. Real estate is a field where income depends on a number of efforts invested and if you need an extra effort then don’t think about growing your real estate agency and adding people as this will lead you to more income.