My Wife Became Angry when I Broke the Mirror

They say that when you break a mirror, you get seven years of bad luck, but I don’t believe in superstitions like that. I’ve broken plenty of mirrors in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever had any bad luck because of it. I broke the mirror in my bathroom, and there was definitely no change in luck. However, my wife did get really mad at me. I had to get a new mirror to fit in place of the old one by hiring a company that offers custom mirror services in NJ.

To me, the mirror was just a normal mirror that anyone could use to look at themselves and handle their grooming needs. My wife didn’t see it that way. She had a special fondness for that mirror that I will never understand. She used it for everything, from grooming, to looking at how her hair, makeup, and outfits looked. She could have done that with any mirror in the house, but she really liked doing it in that mirror, and when the mirror became broken, she became devastated. It was like she had lost someone who she had been friends with for a long time. It was honestly a bit weird, but I didn’t tell her that, since she was already angry with me.

I told the company that I hired that I wanted to have a mirror that looked as close to the original one as possible. They took some measurements to figure out the exact size the mirror needed to be and were able to take the old one down and put the new one in its place. When my wife saw the new mirror, she thought it was beautiful. To me, it was just a mirror that I would look in a few times a day.