Managing the Stage Shows at a Casino

I just got here in the past couple of days and I have already had a pretty good couple of days. I am working as the stage manager for one of the local casinos although this is a temporary job. The guy I am replacing is in the hospital and it looks like he is going to be for some time. At any rate it is the sort of job I have been preparing for and so far everything has gone well. Eventually I will have to look for affordable apartments in Henderson NV, but for now the casino is putting me up in the one of the cheaper rooms. That is not a big burden to them right now. It is the slow season from what I have heard and they have dozens of rooms that are vacant at this point in time. So it is not like they are losing any money.

When or if the other guy comes back they have promised to give me a different job, but I am thinking that they will want to make me manage the kitchen. In fact I am sure they are not happy with the guy they have now, he is not really getting along with people and the people who hate him are more important than he is. They have some really good chefs and they do not seem to appreciate being yelled at. In particular this guy is not good enough at his job to be allowed to the sort of people that you really need when you are running a casino. It takes a whole lot of good chefs to really take care of things at a casino, you are serving huge numbers of people around the clock and they have to be really good at the job.